Is Your Predictive Maintenance Program a Rifle or a Shotgun Approach?

Monday, 23 March 2020 by Shon Isenhour

Is your predictive maintenance program setup like a rifle or a shotgun? Would you say it is well thought out and directed at  a specific failure mode of a known risk or is it more of a shoot and scatter and see what I can hit approach?Over the last few years I have seen more sites that are the later more than the former. They hand out PdM tools to untrained or minimally trained technicians,...

PdM is Not Precision Maintenance (Coaches Corner)

Wednesday, 28 June 2017 by Madelaine Hallman-Kenner
Another great Coaches Corner post from Allen Canaday: During a recent discussion with a student he asked me why the failure rate at their facility wasn’t improving. Over the last two years they had invested in the purchase of various PdM (Predictive Maintenance) technologies and trained personnel on their use and application. The facility had conducted a criticality analysis and SFMECA...