iBL Graduate of the Month: January 2017

 We want to congratulate our January 2017's graduate of the month...Mr. Chuck Knowlton of Hollingsworth and Vose. Congratulations on your many accomplishments throughout your inspired Blended Learning curriculum and may you have many more successes to come!

Chuck started working after electrical trade school wiring paper machines for Black Clawson. When demand slowed, he started learning the art of building machines as well. Then, he went to work for St. Regis paper Company/Champion/ Deferiet Paper Company as Instrument/electrician for 22 years. He has been at Hollingsworth & Vose for 15 years; the first 5 years was instrument Technician and was promoted to Maintenance Supervisor.

 "I wasn’t sure what or if I would be able to learn taking this class. I haven’t done anything more than a week’s training in forty years and definitely nothing online with a 12-18 month agenda. In the opening session, Darrin Wikoff taught on the ship (USS Yorktown)  and gave me enthusiasm to learn more.  With historical data, you can put real numbers to any failure and know when maintenance is needed to prevent failures. Calculating work order backlog can be used to justify hiring more people or if you have too many people.  I like numbers and this all made sense. If I had questions Allen and Brandon were always there with great analogies to help clear my old brain. Thanks to IBL for opening my eyes."

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