Pro Tip For Delegation

Chances are you stink at delegation and you’re either a task hoarder or a task dumper.


If these look familiar, you’re probably a task hoarder:

“It’ll be faster to do it myself”

“I’ll have to go back and fix it”

“I don’t have time to train someone how to do this”

“It’s really my job to take care of this”


If these look familiar, you’re probably a task dumper:

“They should know how to do that”

“Why didn’t they get it done in time?”

“This is not what I was asking for”

“I am slammed, take care of this please” (on the way out the door to something else)


Practice becoming a better delegator with these simple steps!

  1. Start by selecting a repetitive task that if delegated would free up time and create growth in an employee
  2. Spend the time to help the employee understand the value of taking on the new task
  3. Clearly explain the task, help the employee connect the task with existing skills and experiences
  4. Check for understanding by using open ended questioning techniques “ok now explain the process back to me” NOT “do you understand?”
  5. Set specific due dates and times to check in on the employee with enough time to course correct before the due date


Proper delegation requires upfront investment with long term payback. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be amazed how quickly you will be able to free up time while engaging and growing your employees!

Brandon Weil

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