A Valentines Day Message About Mismatched Communication

Mismatched communication plagues a lot of organizations and affects the implementation of new initiatives and organizational changes. This video shows a demonstration of the concept.

To reduce the probability of mismatched communication here are three things to think about before you communicate.
1.Body language: if you are talking about the exciting changes but your body is slumped the audience will perceive this and it will cause confusion and a loss of organizational support at best and distrust and rebellion at worst. 
2. The self fulfilling prophesy: If you don't think it will work then it will not and the audience will see right through you. If you don't believe in it find someone who does to be your spokesman.
3. Follow the words with action that support them. For example,
don't tell everyone how important a meeting is and then show up late.

I will leave you today with one Steven Covey quote:
"You can't talk your way out of problems you behaved yourself into."