iBL Graduate of the month

Rick Clonan: Blended Learning Graduate of the Month

Rick Clonan is our newest graduate from the New iBL Planning and Scheduling curriculum. We debuted this revolutionary way to train planners and schedulers in July of this year to follow the incredibly successful Reliability and Maintenance Engineering and Managers curriculum. Rick along with his other teammates work through the 6 month program learning the fundamentals of planning and scheduling while getting to apply them in their facility with the help of a seasoned coach. What better way is there to ensure understanding, application, and results.

 Rick served as a Maintenance Technician for 9 years at Nissan. He was identified as a good troubleshooter and was promoted to Maintenance Technologist in August of 2011 working in the newly formed reliability group. While in that group, Rick attained his CMRP Certification; at the time, he was the only Maintenance Technologist at Nissan to ever receive this certification. In this role, Rick was responsible for creating and optimizing the PMs in the Trim Department. In August of 2014, Rick accepted a Planner / Scheduler Position at the Nissan Battery Plant, also in Smyrna, TN. He is currently serving as the lead for a new CMMS implementation. He has created new work flow processes that the Battery Plant has implemented and is using today.

When asked about his experience with our Planning and Scheduling course, Rick responded by saying, "I feel like the iBL Planning and Scheduling Course can benefit anyone looking into Work Management Best Practices. The coaches gave great feedback at each step of the way. Each module guided me through each of the core skills necessary to be an effective Planner and Scheduler."

certificate Rick Clonan